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In my book, The Goddess Aped, the embodiment of Aphrodite (Hathor) is awaiting the return of her husband from a tour of another area. She is working with a master architect and artists to develop a grand temple-a gift from her husband and testament to her goddesshood.

However, she is enmeshed in a new vampiric practice of male vampyre having two female mates. One is vampyre and the other a mortal. This mimicked the original relationship between the three angels who would become Lilith, Samael and Adam. With the addition of Eve, the dynamic shifted but was rarely two couples due to jealousy and plotting. In the new relationship, the mortal is always referred to as the temporary while the vampyre is the eternal (permanent). This practice was proposed to help the immortals bridge the human world and help them to function within it but it has only ever caused problems. Later, it was said to ensure the birth of an heir but human heirs have less value to vampyre. So it was reasoned that building a human line would guarantee a nutrient source for the vampyre and power/connection within the human world. However, the original intent was to appease Eve. In the end, Eve chose her immortal magician priest.

The temple is set to be complete right before her husband’s return when Eve, in the guise of his mortal wife and Hathor’s high priestess Hetpet, took her high heels (used by butchers during sacrifice, but also served as a sign of prostitution) to walk down the middle of wet stairs.

There was no time to fix the stairs and it would be a major endeavor so the solution was to go to a large oil jar and pour the oil down the stairs. While it marred the stairs, it also erased the mark of the priestess on the temple.