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Garden of Eden

In the Lugalbanda, the Hulluppu Tree is known at the Halub Tree.

From Wikipedia: Adan, spelled Adán in Spanish, is a French, Somali and Spanish masculine given name, the equivalent to Adam. Also spelled Da.Mu. (Adum).

It should be noted that the name, Adan, spelled backward is Dana. While many theories abound regarding the Tuatha de Danann, it could be that they were worshipping Adan (spelled backwards as Dana). And this compelled Eve to also want to be worshiped as a goddess (or vice versa). It could just as easily be a tribe of Dane, a tribe from the River Dan or Danube, the lost tribe of Dan, Danish vikings, a lost goddess or a couple of gods named Dan and Ann.

In The Goddess Aped, the Tuatha De Danann are akin to the ancient lotus eaters but they are worshipers of the Goddess Aphrodite (albeit not under that name) and her symbol was the pomegranate. The grains of seeds inside were known as the “danas.”

The benefits and properties of the pomegranate match Aphrodite far better than the apple and I would go so far as to say that those of her bloodline will suffer from a genetic high cholesterol and should try the juice of the pomegranate or the supplement Guggul.

Her bloodlines probably also have a negative gastrointestinal reaction from apple products such as apple sauce, apple juice and even apple slices.

*Please seek medical advice from a licensed practitioner before taking any supplements or relying on naturopathic remedies.*

The pentagram, or 5-point star, has been attributed to Kore. She becomes the goddess Persephone in Greek myth. It is interesting also because the seeds of the apple contain arsenic. The assertion in The Goddess Aped is that the pomegranate first became associate with the underworld, in the Greek pantheon, through the triple goddess aspect with Hecate.

Adans could be Sadan in Iran. Interestingly it is located near the town of Gorgan (Gorgon) and that town was once known Astarabad/Estarabad (place or home of/protected by the star). Here we already see the evolution from Aphrodite to Medusa and the Gorgon. And who was the human queen trying to ride that same clout and attach to that train? Queen Gorgo.

My theory in The Goddess Aped is that there are several gardens but one where the events of the Bible take place and that is known as the Garden of Eden (Eve and Adan=Edan). This is further supported by Venus of Pompeii being known as the protector of the garden/gardens. However, I do not feel the Biblical Eden is any of the places previously proposed but, if a physical place, it was actually somewhere in the Guilan/Gilan region of Iran. It is a fertile area like that described in the Bible, has pomegranates and a unique salt lake that does not empty into the ocean.

While there are groves of trees in the area, the tree of Eden can also stand as symbol of the body.

In the Catholic rites of transubstantiation, the body and blood are consumed symbolically.

And, in keeping with the symbolism of wolves and Christianity, note that the region was once known as Daylam (“day lamb”). This could apply to both vampyre and werewolves.

From Wikipedia: In antiquity, this area was a province of Persia known as Daylam (sometimes Daylaman, Dailam or Delam). The Daylam region corresponds to the modern region of Gīlān.

Part of the etymology for the plant family of the pomegranate (“lythraceae”) means blood. One of the orders of the pomegranate is myrtales and myrtle is associated with Aphrodite.

Another tie to the etymology of the Pomegranate plant family is the dam in Cyprus, called the Lythro-donda. This ties to both the Pomegranate and Aphrodite’s attributed home island of Cyprus.

So how did Aphrodite get stuck with the apple as her symbol? Probably from winning the apple of discord from Paris. And then her human competition, Persephone, scooped up the symbol of the Pomegranate (or at least writers attributed it to her).

Etymology: Gr. lythron, blood or gore

And this brings me to my theory and story in The Goddess Aped-that Lilith (as she is known today) was the original angel sent to earth/the material dimension. In this I will use Astarte/Aphrodite/Lilith interchangeably as the name of that prime (first) goddess whose name cannot be known or spoken.

As the only female angel created by God, she feels that she is the wife of God and takes her title as the Queen of Heaven. But the other angels rebel against her, tear off her wings and cast her down to earth. God sees what has been done and begs her to return. When she refuses, he sends three angels to convince her to come home. Two of those angels decide to stay with her. Lilith was quite childlike, so were they to be her parents or guardians? No. Some might spin the story further to say the two male angels were then actually in love with each other and used Lilith as a cover but that is not true. They were both, in different ways but of equal intensity, truly completely in love with and devoted to Lilith/Astarte/Aphrodite.

God expected four angels to return to the heavens. Only one did.

The third decides to try to take Lilith’s place alongside God. That third angel returns to the heavens and convinces God that it is chaste and worthy to be by God’s side. However, God only wants Lilith. Lilith again refuses so God makes an agreement with Lilith that her soul will remain secure and protected in heaven and will be the Queen in Heaven/Hell while the physical embodiment remains in the material or earthly realm. This is where we get the concept of Aphrodite Urania, as well as the basis for the Persephone story. However the division is permanent. It is also similar to the story line of a certain televised teenage witch being able to serve as Queen of Hell while still being a teenager in the earthly/mortal realm.

Now, upon Lilith choosing her mate, at least one more angel was expected to return. None arrived.

But as above, so below.

So what of these three angels on earth? Adan was actually originally the embodiment of a god named Adonis (Adon/Adan) (child of Adonai). Lilith was the embodiment of Astarte/Aphrodite and divine. Initially, Samael showed no romantic interest in Astarte/Aphrodite/Lilith so it was Adon that was chosen as her mate. However,  Adon and Lilith were not getting along. Hearing their arguments and seeing Lilith’s true nature made Samael fall madly in love with her. And Lilith was tempted away by Samael.

Essentially, Adon just wanted to make Lilith jealous so she would leave Samael.

As an angel, Samael was a divine being and since Adon was the selected mate of Lilith, Samael had been chosen by God to be ruler over the material realm that would eventually include mortals. With Lilith, Samael would now have both.

The story of Eve’s creation is more contentious. It is the theory in my book that she was a creation of divine magic at the suggestion (was-was) of the third angel. She was the golem, made of clay.

Whether Adon was tricked into making her (via suggestion) or did so purposefully, the stories do not say. However, remember that third angel is intent on becoming the Queen of Heaven and the angel is also eventually cast from the heavens.

Some say Eve was a human or human-hybrid and possibly born of a union between Adon and another creature. Or perhaps bitten by either Samael or Lilith (what some scholars call her assault or rape). The writers of the Bible wanted to make it clear that Eve had set upon her own destruction. She was the only non-divine being and could have easily been persuaded by that third angel to try to make herself like the former angels.

In any event, God seeing that Eve had been created was outraged. If these angelic beings wanted to be beasts, then they would be.

Samael was to lose his position as ruler of the material realm to Adon. Seeing this as a slight and beneath him as Lilith’s chosen mate, Samael refused and because Adon could not make Samael submit, god threatened to destroy Adon.  Seeing that this would make Lilith remoreseful and put his relationship with her at risk, Samael orchestrated a revolt in the heavens by some of the other angels to distract god but to also show that he still held the power of his right hand. This revolt was, of course, aided by the third angel who spread rumors and started discontent that had nothing to do with the lover’s quarrels happening elsewhere.

As beings who were no longer completely divine, none of the descended angels could return to the heavens.  For his wisdom to protect his wife at all cost, Samael became a cambion-part angel/demon and part serpent-an original vampyre.

For his passion for Lilith, Adon would be a cambion as well-part angel/demon and part wolf. 

Lilith, for her part in being unable to truly decide between the two, would be made into a different type of cambion. She would carry a tri-line as wolf and vampyre but also be given the knowledge of Adon and be a powerful mage and seer in her own right.

All three would remain of a semi-divine nature as gods and goddesses of this plane.

As you will recall, vampyre and werewolves are considered to be of fallen angels. Jesus and/or Mary Magdalene being of Lilith’s line would also explain their magical ability.

So what of the only human in this situation-Eve-the golem?

God was set to destroy her. He commanded that the cambion populate the earth. Adon begged for mercy and the preservation of his creation. So instead God threw her to the ends of the earth. The creation would remain but never be seen again. And of the third angel, that angel was also cast out of the heavens and God refused to give that angel an embodiment. It would roam the earth as a vapor or ghost. But that third angel (or now fourth upon the earth) found the clay golem of Eve and embodied it with its ether, or angel’s breath. Seeing how clever she was, God agreed she could remain as the consort to Adon but they were never to mate. She was to keep her vow of chastity. As punishment, she would have no divine or gifted young, she would not be divine herself (not a god or goddess) and she would be limited by the golem nature of the clay. Never would she be able to create anything of her own, have original thought or mimic that of the other three. She would simply be a companion of Adon and as such become the first human. This, of course, meant that she was mortal. So God agreed that as long as Adon existed so could she. Otherwise she was to die. And, finally, they were to stay in the confines of the garden. To aid with this, God removed their memories of any place beyond the enclosure.

Adon asked what her name was to be and God said to name her. Adon called her Hewa.This meant his failure or mistake.

hewa — Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng , 1. nvs., Mistake, fault, error, sin, blunder, defect, offense, guilt, crime, vice; wrong, incorrect, wicked, sinful, guilty; to err, miss, mismanage, fail, mis-. Examples: Koʻu hewa, my mistake.

Over time she changed this to Hawa. As you can see, that is the root of the word, “Hawaii.”

Possibly meaning-ha (meaning breath, or breath of life), wai (meaning water or life force), and ‘i (meaning supreme).

The word Hawaii comes from Hawaiian Hawaiʻi, which comes from Proto-Polynesian *sawaiki. The interesting part is how the cognates of Hawaiʻi are used in other Polynesian languages.

Māori: Hawaiki

Cook Islands Māori: ʻAvaiki

Hawaiian: Hawaiʻi

Sāmoan: Savaiʻi

Tahitian: Havaiʻi

In Māori mythology, Hawaiki is the ancestral homeland of the Māori. It also refers to the underworld in many of their stories. The same concept exists in many other Polynesian cultures, including the Tahitians and the Cook Islands Māori.

However, in Hawaiian culture, the word has lost that meaning and now refers to the biggest island of Hawaii. Coincidentally, the same thing happened in Sāmoan culture and their version of the word refers to the largest island in Sāmoa.

Note haloe (pronounced Howlie) , the Hawaiian term for white people, contains the word, “halo” and “e” in Latin means “ex” so it would be “former halo.” Given the graffiti in Pompeii, it can be assumed that the embodiment of Hewa/Hawa had darker skin since it was made out of clay while the fallen angels had lighter skin. It is also interesting that the pronunciation would be similar to the sound werewolves/wolves are said to make. But when the etymology is taken further, one can see that it relates to owls, wind and screeches. This could mean the supposed screech owl associated with Lilith.

So was Lilith chasing the embodiment of Eve? Quite the opposite. If you look at many origin stories, including those of the Maori, they arrived in a land that was already occupied by white people. However, what would be interesting to know is why the Maori left their homeland? They are said to come from an island or group of islands known as Hiva (could be Eva). However, Iki is also the name of an island in Japan. It could be that Iki meant island and so that was Hawa’s Island (Hawaiki). It could also refer to human reproduction and migration. Iki can also mean split in two. So the original Hawa tribe split to become Hiva. Then that tribe further split and one group became the Maori.

Maori is said to mean “native, ordinary, plain or normal.” Could this mean they were kicked out because they possessed no supernatural abilities? Did they follow the Children of Lilith to try to learn magic from them or to try to obtain magical abilities to be “let back” into Hawa’s garden? Whatever their reason for leaving, the Maori never went back. So perhaps island life was not good under the rule of Eve.

The ruling classes/caste of Hawaii had names with similar resonance to Lil and Lili (Lilith).

“Elsewhere in Polynesia, Hawaiʻi or a cognate is the name of the underworld.”

So what of that former angelic brain now trapped in flesh and blood? She did not cease in wanting to be Queen of heaven and hell. No, indeed, she now also wanted to be Queen of the Earth. That meant she had to have Samael. How would she do that with Adonis? He would have to be convinced to become mortal. But Lilith would protect Adon and he her. Then there was the little matter of Lilith and Samael being truly in love. To have all that Eve desired meant Lilith/Aphrodite had to die.

How did none see her true nature, or rather, what she was versus what she wasn’t?

This is why I was being pursued by Gale Glass. It was not enough that Aphrodite and the other angels had to die, so did their offspring.

And it is from “haw” that the word “hag” might be derived. If the line of Eve could not be supernatural beings, then they would strive to be witches and magicians. But do not forget the curse placed on her line by God. And to add insult, she would label the wife of Samael as Hexe/Hexa-the one to be feared-and spread it among her human children.

If you look at the etymology, “hew” is to carve. What if Eve was not created out of clay but carved from a tree? In Latin, “haw” can mean Hawthorne tree and that is one of the trees that I propose the thorns for the crown of Jesus came from. It would have been an insult from the line of Eve.

In my book, Goidel is ill and about to die when he is “cured” by a witch or vampire known by the family and be saved from death. Unfortunately that meant he would be a vampire or marked as a witch with the green fang marks. For a few days he felt the power in his veins of being a hybrid-of truly having power and being able to do magic. The family then called on a healer/magician who was able to turn Goidel back to being human. But that taste of power was what Goidel wanted and he hunted the Tuatha de Danann to try to get it back. For me, I was not only of the serpent line, a biological vampyre of the 3 but I was also the physical embodiment of Aphrodite. It would be a trifecta. Gale Glass was likely just the latest name of Eve, or at least one of her known descendants. It was jealousy and hate driving her to hunt me and my kind for our gifts and to eradicate or dominate us.

More of this story can later be read in my book, The Goddess Aped.