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Mark of the Dragon

In my book, Gold ‘n Silver, when I was attacked, the males were told not to touch my face. That would later change but at the time there was not an inch below my neck that was not black and blue. One of the last males to assault me had a knife to my throat and he cut a slash to the left crease of my mouth. He might have been instructed to do the right side but did not understand that it meant my right.

He was trying to mark me like Eve so I would be confused for her.

Eve was not marked genetically but she calls those that are her “true” children.

There is a line of human that is not a blood relation of Eve but call themselves Children of Eve. Even the science community calls them the Dragon People. They are commonly known as Draco and are detailed in a number of books.

Of course unmarked or “other” humans exist-a majority of them.

However, those with the dragon mark feel they are equal to the divine and just as powerful. They tend to come from old or ancient bloodlines, are well-connected, and typically wealthy. And, as such, feel entitled to hold all earthly power.

These are not necessarily the descendants of Cain but may be the descendants of Tyre (Hiram).

And there is connection to 666-the number of man (the beast).

If one turns the 6 upside-down, it looks like an open mouth with a gash off to the right side.

But who wrote the Bible? In my book, The Goddess Aped,  it is the Children of Eve. And so, as the Gospel of Thomas illustrates, many things are mirrored or opposite.