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Human Beliefs

There are a number of written documents that show human beliefs and/or religions would be in direct opposition to the ways of life for many of the kindred-vampyre, werewolves, mer, etc.

Interestingly, it was the practices of werewolves who were traveling among the woodwose and had taken up attacking/eating humans, that caused one of the greatest rifts between them and the vampyre.

Vampyre had long seen their role as guardians of the humans but a number of things put them at odds with this. First, some werewolves saw humans as a food source. While almost all werewolves will attack if provoked or hunted, there was a sect of them that would actively track humans as food. These were typically rogue or in a band of woodwose.

Given the animosity between Eve and Lilith, the young of Lilith were kept under watchful eye to avoid human hunters or those sent by Eve. Unfortunately, it also showed weaknesses in certain hybrids and why humans were begging to become hybrids. These practices and deceptions were meant to decimate kindred populations and force those still living into isolation and hiding.

Ultimately these particular werewolves and hybrids often sided with Eve and would fight alongside humans against the vampyre and other werewolves. This led to many werewolves leaving their established colonies and migrating in order to be done with any wars involving their own kind. However, Eve and/or other hunters were often following them around from place to place as the ultimate goal was human domination of the planet with Eve (in whatever form or name she was going by), her magician and their attendants being overlords of the humans based on the Abrahamic teachings, as well as the belief in human dominance.

There is also antique writings noting that it was not a lamb that was slaughtered, but a wolf. This supports my novels as to the origin of Jesus and that the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” meant that a wolf in the guise of a man–one of Adam’s flock or children who was not a human.