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In my book, The Goddess Aped, it is my assertion that the Temple at Delphi was not originally that of Apollo but, instead, Aphrodite. The key is in the etymology of the name with Aphrodite being the goddess of fertility and motherhood (“womb”), as well as the sea (“dolphin”). With the betrayal of Adam and Eve against her, Aphrodite (Lilith) is forced to regard the first offspring of Adam and Eve as immortal gods (demi-gods) and bestow special gifts upon them. This is further supported by the legend that Apollo slain the giant dragon/serpent that guarded the temple. Why slay the guard of the temple unless you have intentions to take it over? The original name of Delphi was said to have been Pytho. I believe Pytho was one of the original serpents from the Garden of Eden or one of their offspring. One reason I believe it might be offspring is that another name for Pytho was Phaethon. While given different parentage, Phaethon was said to have been born from the daughter of the sea. This was likely Aphrodite.

It could also be that as god said Lilith was to still bear children for Adam, some of these demi-gods were likely biologically Aphrodite’s but then taken and charmed by Eve/Hera.

Apollo’s name had no known etymology but may mean “protector of man.” The name Alexander also means “protector of man” so there may be some relation in the names.