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Psychic Vampire

This is very similar to my opinion of psychic vampirism.

I have no idea wtf this is or what they are pretending to be, but Belanger is one of the individuals claiming to be the expert on psychic vampirism. It is of little surprise that she was an early collaborator with Mr Hoyt.

What they write applies only to humans and their fans.

Belanger’s opinion of herself as authority on demons, vampire, and the paranormal is not shared by the kindred. She, when married, had publicly claimed to not be a vampire at all. So I assume that changed 1) when I went to sleep and 2) they realized they could make money on it. Her writing and opinions are the usual garbage espoused and spewed by humans.

In my story, I met Tim in New Jersey in 1991 as he was part of a human gamer community one of my friends belonged to. He wanted proof of vampires. I opened my mouth and provided it. He was absolutely NOT the person he became and there is a reason he is of the Caven Claw Coven–I-me personally-told him to NEVER use any names or symbolism tied to actual vampyric culture, but he wanted something big with fangs and claws (like a werewolf). Victoria and her partner were supposed to gatekeep what he was doing when I went to sleep. That looks to have gone by the wayside. Any cultural representations of the kindred by humans has to be approved by vampyre. This has not been approved in any capacity, shape, or form by the royal vampyre–those that must approve the cultural representations of our kind. Tod is very aware of this process.

That entire affiliated human group  from the early 1990s will get exactly what they deserve and they all know what that means– particularly those in Ohio–“sniff the finger.” Those consequences will not be of my hand or tooth. The vampyre are to no longer have any interactions or dealings with these humans that made money off of us, our experiences that they claim were their own, our culture, our representation, or our stories.

Each of them was part of a covenant signed in their hand and blood that they have flippantly betrayed. The source of their success will equally be the cause of their fall. Such is the price for trying to take a life force, ability, talent, gift, place, property, power, fate, etc. that it is not yours.