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Although Africa is the second-largest continent and accounts for 18% of the world’s population, it is the youngest among the continents. Per Wikipedia, Afri was the Latin name of the people of northern Africa (such as Tunisia). The name referred to all of the lands of ancient Libya. The native Libyan tribes were known as the Berbers.

However, the actual etymology of Afr is unknown. I would assert that it has something in common with the name Aphrodite. First, in looking at the etymology of  “ca,” one can change that to “kaa.” The word “kaa,” in several languages means “of” or “from.” Looking at “kaa” in various languages, the word varies from “soul,” to “bull” or “ox.” In Yoruba, “ka” means “the.” There is the Kaa waterfall in Babaloma-near Jebba in Niger.