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Soul Eaters

Their plan had to work perfectly.

For this to push us closer to oblivion, they had to force us to accept at least a partial human embodiment-to lower our protection and live among them. What was part of the game plan? Soul Eaters. These people had only been an isolated tribal phenomenon before, now the training had been shared far and wide within their groups.

Normally, these individuals are only a problem for other humans. Neither they nor human psychic vampires can harm us. However, the feeling of being around soul eaters is almost identical to that of a psychic vampire so it would be easy to accuse one of being the other.

Have they been successful? No. As divine beings, we still have protection. My soul is protected as my celestial embodiment is not attached to this plane. With “Arik,” it was partially successful because half of him was devoted to Eve and fully involved in his earthly, mundane existence. However, the other half is protected like mine.

A mutual friend contacted me in the ether (5-D) to tell me that he was not doing well. I had helped stop an accident when his brakes were cut and the car would not stop and the male with him either wouldn’t or couldn’t help. It was spun differently. He still couldn’t see the truth about them and he asked that I not look in on his life anymore. He figured my cousin and his wife were the two females that were helping him and that my cousin’s friends could help keep him occupied.

He bragged how he was helping Eve grow into something amazing. Nothing was farther from the truth. She was siphoning off his energy to finally kill him. In the end, Eve considered herself a she-wolf and no friend of the humans or vampyre. He even wanted to become a wolf to please her but that would mean he was an actual wolf to her make-believe world and competition for Adan.

So Eve sent soul eaters from her “mother land” and they trained an army to hunt us.

The side of him aligned with her began to show that he was failing.

Fortunately I woke up just in time.

Someday he will look at the photos up through 2018 and notice the difference through the years. Where he had been when we were together, what state he got to, and how he has been since. Also, in Japanese and Hollywood media, he should be careful of a female calling herself Erucka/Eryka/Erika/Ericka. From what I can see, she wants to match him and take my place as his twin or take both of our places. Even in Hotel Transylvania, Ericka Van Helsing is a vampire hunter who wants to kill Dracula and ends up “falling in love” with him. Or did she? After this long and knowing each other that well, not likely.

So what in the hell is a Soul Eater? I’m glad you asked.