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Alexandra of Denmark

The following is an alternate history of Alexandra of Denmark. It  was created by me and is not in accordance with the accepted versions or events of human history.

Alexandra of Denmark was a vampyre.

Or was she?

Alexandra of Denmark was  also of a woodwose line. Some say that she was of the very line of Adan Adam himself. The family coat of arms displays the image of a wild man. The woodwose had long struggled with vampyre over their interactions with humans and werewolves. It was the woodwose who claimed dominance over earthly kingdoms through their connection to Adan Adam.

What evidence can I provide of her vampyrism? While none as certain as perhaps a photo of her with fangs or accounts of her activities, as those would have certainly been hidden. However, there are circumstantial clues.

First, Alexandra was known to wear pearl choker necklaces to conceal a small scar on her neck. This could have been puncture wounds that were too aggressive and scarred, but were more likely a preferred source or spot for her host. The accepted human history is that the scar may have come from a childhood operation. However, despite her being the Princess of Wales for over 30 years, there is no official record as to how she received the scar. Her chokers were quite fashionable, as were her high-neck dresses, so it also would have been quite easy for other vampyre donors to hide their puncture marks. Many will have noticed that the most popular era for depiction of vampires in popular culture would be the Victorian and Edwardian periods.


Her portraits in 1860 and 1861 do not show any chokers being worn. This could have been the fashion or because she was still single. However, many articles note that the scar on her neck was from childhood.

Could it have been that she was “pretending” to have been bitten by a vampyre? Of course. Bram Stoker’s Dracula would be released in 1897 so vampirism was likely “in the air.” There is no record of her scar and no portraits or photos appear to display one. Could this be related to rites of royal vampyre and an illegitimate claim to the throne? Perhaps.

This is not to say whether she was or was not a victim of vampyrism. Also, if she had, there could have been a situation in which she demanded to be made one or an exchange of some sort was made.


That brings me to the second clue, her father ascended to the throne unexpectedly. Could this have been through some extortion attempt of a vampyre?


Third, Alexandra had a busy social life and did much charity work, but she was different from other queens. She had a contentious relationship with her mother-in-law, Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria was not present at some of her grandchildren’s births at the request of Alexandra.


Fourth, vampyre lines are known to have originated from and include those of the mermaid. Elisabeth Baumann painted both the portrait of  Alexandra of Denmark and also a portrait or painting of a mermaid. The dominance of pearl chokers in her wardrobe might also point to this.

Interestingly, Alexandra’s appearance seems to change. One portrait even seems to depict her with a slight cleft chin and that appears to be missing in later portraits and photographs.

Granted, this could be due to age, stress, or having children. But it is noted that she took up hunting, and her husband was known to have dozens of mistresses. Could it be that the real Alexandra was lost to disease and she was replaced with a male or female look-a-like? Could the kings mistress have actually given birth to the royal children? It would not be the first time.

So was she an actual vampyre or just wearing the mask of one?