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Komarov Curse

Too many Kindred have lost their lives to serving mankind. It was a way for our kinds to make money while also serving as guardians for humans. We lost thousands in each war fought between man. Probably the most devastating (known) was the number of werewolves murdered in Vietnam. Vampyre also lost their lives. Werewolves were experimented on in WWII Germany as Hitler attempted to infuse humans with their gifts while convincing our kind (particularly hybrid Vampyre) that they were the models for a return of the “Master” race. It had nothing to do with skin color. He wanted the Kindred hated and hunted. Vampyre and Witchborne were burned and killed throughout history. Kindred were lost as firefighters, police officers, soldiers, and even cosmonauts and astronauts.

In this case, it sounds like nothing was tested (including parachutes) and shoddy materials were used. This was potentially intentional.

I cannot speak to the race or species of the man who fell to Earth, but Cosmonaut Komarov cursed those who sent him to space as he descended.

If he was Kindred, that was likely a very powerful and real curse.