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In the story of Oro, we see the theme of a human woman (like Eve) marrying a god who descended from the sky. My story, The Goddess Aped, tells a similar story. It is Adam or Adan/Adon who comes upon a woodwose or other humanoid creature, following his break-up with Lilith, and uses his abilities to make her “in his image.” As a “fallen” or descended angel, he has supernatural abilities and would have been seen as a god on earth, along with Lilith and Samael.

Oro is also thought to be the same as Koro, the Cook Island god of pleasure. This is interesting in light of the Greek mortal turned goddess, Kore. And in the lineage of men, we come to the idea of divine kings and which bloodlines are born to rule if they all descend from the same two people. This becomes even more complicated when there are multiple lineages and some may actually be completely divine while others are hybrid or human.