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Unknown & Unexpected

Around 2005, I saw someone on looking for descendants of Alexander Ingleton Roe. I wrote to the woman (I believe her name was Helen and she indicated she was from Australia). She said that she had documentation that someone tried to defraud my great-grandmother, Agnes Roe, out of land and property. She said it was scandalous and they had the documentation. Then she abruptly wrote me to say that she had the wrong Alexander Roe. However, he was the grandson of a minister just as she said.

(I would be contacted in 2021/2022 by a man in Scotland who was researching Roe properties that had been owned by Agnes. He was working for the family of Alexander’s step-mother that were not blood relations with Agnes or her daughter, Esther.)

In 2006, a person began stalking my apartment in Reno, NV. The person tried to get into the complex gym where I was working out. One night someone jarred the handle to the apartment door and was pacing in front of the window. I watched their shadow go back and forth on the porch. There were footsteps all around the apartment going up to windows and a neighbor across from us had to yell at a man who was peeking through the bedroom window. I found a job in Washington State and I moved.

My paternal grandfather (Roe) and paternal grandmother both died in September 2006. His current wife also died that year. My paternal uncle died the following year and their sister soon after.

DKB-Deutsche Kreditbank AG was looking at my LinkedIn Progfile.

Another man from Germany looked at my profile and his name is Sebastian Arend. I had worked with a Betsy Arend at the SnoIsle Regional Library. There is also a Nicole Arend who has written a vampire book about, yet another, vampire academy.

Voicemail from Shanghai 11-18-2022 and 01-07-2023.

This was the second voicemail I had received from Shanghai. The first came from 323-808-4170

Voicemail from Shanghai

by Artist Name

Receive a text from an Oregon phone number on 10-14-2022 and an attached photo. I have not heard from them since. I am not sure who the photo is or what it is of.

Driver’s License at Walgreens.
Shortly after my father died in March 2022, I had to use my ID to get prescriptions. A couple of days later, I noticed that the license was missing so I called the pharmacy and they denied having it. Once my father’s estate had been settled, I received a call from the Walgreens near 164th in Vancouver stating that they had found my license.

And someone breached my Twitter security. The only thing I noticed is that they unblocked an “occultist” from Ohio who claimed to not be a vampire and then started a church for psychic vampires and also claimed to be a demonologist. I regained control of my account and blocked theirs again.

I was in the hospital for nine days in 2018 and while on medication a man came in with a nurse. He said he was from my insurance company and needed me to sign paperwork. I was unable to read the documents. There should be footage from the security cameras or some written visitor record should they try to say I signed something willingly. I filed a complaint with my county at the time to detail what had happened with him and a woman who was in my room. It was my first night and I was medicated. She jumped on my stomach and chest. Then she dumped out my items and urinated on the floor and the items next to me. She felt as though she only weighed about 70 pounds–if that–and had long brown hair.