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Lake Murray

Before it was flooded to make Lake Murray, many of us lived in Dutch Fork and Saxe Gotha. Locals would disparagingly call them Devil’s Fork and Sex Goats. Since vampyre and werewolves would not give up their land, the answer was usually to flood it. This gave humans recreational area, water , and extra fishing. Since humans owned the land around the flooded towns already, there was nowhere for our kinds o move so the werewolves and vampyre on to find new homes. Some of these places included Florida, Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and even Kansas. Eventually we had to move on to Colorado and then to Nevada and  the West Coast. Some went into Canada and Mexico to try to escape the human interference and harassment, but they always seemed to follow us. Most would attribute this to the werewolves having the necessary instincts to stay alive and the vampyric ability to raise a town and administration quickly to bring a good quality of life. Without this, many human settlements remained primitive and often failed. However, others of us felt it was a way to grab land and eliminate us.