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This Sumerian family tree of gods and goddesses was especially interesting to me because the nickname we had for one of my grandmothers was mummu. I always assumed it was tied to the Hawaiian dress, or to the Finnish word for grandmother. In fact, those two words may have been influenced by this origin. What adds to the mystery is that she was born in Belgium and spoke Flemish. The Flemish word for grandmother is “Bomma.”

In my novels, I am Lilith and a goddess of the vampyre and werewolves. The Lamia is Eve who later is classified as a type of succubus and/or vampire once eve no longer associates with the term. She even later refers to herself as a she-wolf and witch. My book Baba Yaga’s Book Club details how Eve tries to convince others that I am a Lamia by increasing my cravings for milk and doing things to make my body look more like hers was depicted.