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The werewolves, vampyre, and other supernatural beings were here on Earth long before the humans ever arrived. We were convinced to go to high Alpine places, caves, liminal dimensions, and even a spacecraft so as to not disturb or scare these “sensitive” beings who were anything but. Some of the origins of the Haole/Howlie still exist in old documents and legends but most have been erased.

Howlie Boards and Surfs honors the history of the true origins of surfing and the original surfers–those that far pre-date any humans or even the existence of human-named lands.

We were hunted in every place we sought refuge as the humans set out to make this planet and all that was ours theirs. Our kinds were systematically killed or enslaved.

Despite this being our home, humans used their religious texts and numbers to dominate us and excuse their violence. We became outsiders.

Humans took our stories, advancements, and civilizations as their own and then called us myth.

As much as they tried in the 1960s and again beginning in the 1990s…

They won’t take surf.