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In my books, Goddess Aped and The Lost Whore of Babylon, Aglauros and her sisters are just another embodiment of Eve, Ava, and Eva. They forced the embodiment of Aphrodite to have children for Aglauros-even into old age, which is how Aglauros can claim that two of her children are born of gods. The problem happens when Poseidon gets involved and since Aphrodite is also a goddess of the sea (mermaid), the child of the two is born with a tail. Since the children are to be delivered, sight unseen, in a basket to secret the gates of the palace, Aglauros does not expect to find the child in that state. She tried to claim he was found or that she was raped by Poseidon/his son and that caused the birth to be so odd. However, she told others to expect the child of Dionysus as she was the favored bride and mate of the gods. Her changing stories exposes her lies and she and her three sisters commit suicide in order to be reborn. Their rebirth depends on a death by invasive, painful disease or suicide.

Within the modern timeline of my story, Eve has tried to trade places with me, as have others, but they do not have access to my soul and fail. Eve is cursed by God so neither she nor her “sisters” are able to marry, have husbands/lovers, have children, have wealth, health, or any form of comfort. They continually attempt to circumvent this. In response, God makes them fully human so while they have had some of those things, the disease and death are theirs to bear and they will not be reborn ever again.

It is another in a long list of examples of a mortal “princess” or “queen” masquerading as the true goddess. The obedience of the goddess goes back to God and the commandment to obey Adan/Adon/Adam-the king of men.

In this painting, we see a statue of Athena, as well as Pan/Bacchus. There is a peacock nearby (representing Hera). The young child is holding the dress of the older woman. And there is also a small dog very similar to that seen in Titian’s “Venus” paintings. These are clues that we are seeing the same cast of characters and, who is working together to harm Aphrodite, as well as perhaps how she orchestrated her own justice.

Aphrodite showed who she was and what was in hers in a way Eve could never imitate or claim as her own.