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Central Asia-Sogdiana,Tajik, etc.

In reviewing the information on the Bouda page, it is an easy transition to the topic of Sogdiana. Immediately I wonder if the name has any relation to Gog/Magog or possibly to the goddess Diana? As you can see from the JSTOR paper, the Sogdiana/Tajik area served as a route for trade and Buddhists.

The area is not only known to have petroglyphs of treskele (sometimes associated with fairies, Druids and werewolves), but also has ties to Aphrodite and Agrimpasa.

The area is also known to have a healthy wolf population, with some known predation.

And the Sogdians are associated with worship of Ananita–equivalent to Aphrodite. Ananita is likened to a river goddess so she is also much akin to the legend of Melusine.

Additionally, the paper goes on to associate the goddess Anahita with Danu and the Tuatha de Danaan.

An area of significance in my story is Gorno.