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Genealogical Research

Genealogy is extremely important to the vampyre. Each house held ancient scrolls detailing family trees, life events and connections.

Much of the information about my family has been lost, forgotten or hidden away. As our numbers grow fewer, my research becomes more complicated, but all the more important. Included here is some of that information.

We remember our families; honor our lines. For blood is the life, and the bond is eternal.

A photo of family from my Scottish (Rothesay/Edinburgh) line (Roe/McAlpine) vacationing in Nice, France.

This is a rare photo of my great-great grandfather, Jonathan Roe.

Jonathan was an international marine engineer and had worked for some time in Egypt.

The etymology of the surname Roe is unknown. Some believe it means “red-headed” or “red beard.” Others have attributed it to the language of Vikings from the 8th/9th century, “red deer” or even to mean “shy” or “timid.” The word also means the eggs of fish, such as salmon. Salmon symbolized wisdom to the Celts. Roe could also tie to the cosmic egg or fruit, “eggs”, of a sacred bloodline. This concept could be taken a step further to indicate a grail line.

Roe is also possibly derived from the Irish “rua,” meaning “red.”

An example of this use is the Roe River in Londonderry, Ireland. There are high levels of iron found in portions of the river and it takes on a red hue.

My Great(x3) Grandmother, Agnes MacAlpine Ingleton, invested in a number of properties that were later inherited by the third wife of  Jonathan Roe (Margaret “Daisy” Roe) and her children with my great (x2) grandfather via his marriage to the only child of Agnes MacAlpine Ingleton–Esther Roe.  

The photos below are of family homes that were owned on Rothesay.

A grave marker in NSW Australia (not at gravesite) for Rev. Robert Miller. He married Agnes McAlpine.

Their daughter, Esther Miller (great-great grandmother), married Jonathan Roe. Together they had my great-grandfather, Alexander Ingleton Roe.

My great-grandparents (Smits) came here from Belgium, where my grandmother (Elsie) was born. She later became a nurse and they all lived in Clifton/Orange, NJ. She went on to marry Douglas McAlpine Roe of Heart’s Content, Newfoundland.  Douglas MacAlpine Roe was born to Alexander Ingleton Roe and Margaret Rowe. Alexander Ingleton Roe was born in Scotland. He emigrated to Newfoundland and married a woman named Annie. She passed away of unknown causes but they had one or two daughters (Jean/Jane and possibly Helen/Mona). Records appear to show Jean taken to England shortly after her mother’s death and her last name might have become Frew. Jean later died in a car accident in South Africa with her husband, John Paterson. Alexander’s second wife Margaret was born in Canada. She would later go on to remarry a man named Bert Adams.

Doug was a Mason and chemical engineer. Elsie had five children with Doug-Doug Jr., Elizabeth (Betty), Robert and Richard (twins) and Donald. Later they divorced and she married Charles (Chuck) Anstedt. My father adopted Chuck’s last name. Chuck was also heavily involved in Masonry. Elsie had one daughter (Caroline) with Chuck. Both Chuck and Elsie are buried in Hawaii. Doug is buried in Florida.

Our nickname for Elsie was mummu. This word is not only the name of the Sumerian god from Babylonian creation myth who is the son of Tiamat, but it is also Finnish for “grandmother.” I never spoke to her again after age 3, when she moved to Hawaii. We did, however, continue some telepathic communication while I was a child.

Obituary for my great-grandfather Alexander Ingleton Roe.

The Fortune Family.

My great-grandmother is Babewyn (Audrey) Fortune of Colorado. She married Newton Hines and was a long-time resident of Reno, NV.

The word, “babewyn,” is said to have been used to describe the first hybrids, such as vampyres, between humans and angels (Page 130 of Victoria Nelson’s book “Gothicka” also goes into detail about the term). Audrey’s mother, Ethyl, went on to marry Walter Cain.

Her father, Walter Fortune, married Violetta Huddleston. Violetta’s notable lineage includes many of the Great Houses of Europe, as well as known witches such as Alce Young. They had one son together, Don Fortune.As detailed on the Ancient Ancestry page, the Fortunes also descend from Attila the Hun and are members of the De Vere family.

Below is a photo of Audrey at her house in Reno.

My grandmother Mary Jo Milleria of Omaha, NB (married Walter Thomas Hines). She is of the Milleria/DiLorenzo lines. This includes Greco and Borgia.

Di Lorenzo coat of arms. The original family was English and came to Italy under the regiment of King Ruggiero. My great-grandparent’s families both emigrated here from Sicily and eventually settled in Omaha, NB.

Unfortunately, Sebastian Milleria (my great-grandfather) was unable to find any family history while researching in both Rome and Palermo. It is assumed his line also emigrated from England at some point in history.

Great-great grandparents Arabella Givens (Hamilton) and Thomas Hines of Sedro-Woolley, WA via Oklahoma, Kansas and Kentucky. The root of Hines (Hine) means farmer, laborer, servant or peasant in English.

However, for the Maori, who have ties to a people described similarly to the Tuatha de Danaan, the word Hine means something very different. In Maori, the word Hine translates to “little girl.” The Maori creation myth also contains the word Hine. Hine-ahu-one was the first woman created and is known as the Earth Maiden. It is said she was made of clay from a beach. This would equate her to Lilith, as Eve was made from Adam’s rib.


Tulsa Tribune article on Delilah Givens (mother of Arabella). Her maiden name was Hamilton. She moved to Tulsa  at 83 y.o. to live with a daughter (Mrs. I.Z. Jones) and be closer to her other daughter (Mrs. C.A. Silver). This also ties the Fortune/Hines lines to Tulsa.

My mother (Monica Marie Hines), father (Richard Alec Anstedt), grandmother (Mary Jo Milleria Hines) and great-grandmother (Frances DiLorenzo Milleria).

Me and my younger brother (Nicole Lynn Anstedt and Joel Dominic Anstedt). We were born in Carson City, NV.

Me with my middle sister Tiffany Ann Wright (Morris). In this photo I am probably almost 7. There is a 6-year age difference between us. She was given up for adoption around age 1 and found our mother through IRS records around age 14. Her visit with us did not go as planned and she became estranged for decades after. While she is speaking with some members of the family, she and I continue to be estranged.

A photo of my youngest sisters (Amy Michelle Rupno and Ashley Noel Rupno) and me at the Hoh Rainforest near Forks, WA in 1995. We left Reno in 1993 and moved back to Whidbey.