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Palmer Curse

While it is unknown whether the Bell Family that Emily Palmer married into is that related to the Bell’s of Tennesee, it is interesting that her own name is also tied to a curse.

Both Emily and her brother Norman faced a great deal in life. He was murdered on March 26 in the Cascade Massacre of 1856. Her husband, Isaac Ebey, would be killed shortly after when he was shot and scalped on August 11, 1857. Emily would go on to live another six years and was buried next to her brother.

Strangely, although not known to be a relative, Jayne Mansfield was born Vera Jayne Palmer and she was described as having been scalped in the car accident that took her life. 

However, if there was a curse on the family, the origin of using Palmer is imbued with its own host of issues as those who took the surname did not necessarily have any blood relation to one another. So it could be that certain individuals suffer the curse are actually from a different bloodline and that is why the Palmer curse is not universal among the name.