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Symbolism of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

In The Goddess Aped, I explore the concept of Jesus being born a twin. Consider if he were one of two boys born during the time of Herod killing all male children. Myrrh could be used to hide a child within a box to pretend they were dead. The frankincense perhaps to disguise a male child as a female. And the gold to pay off officials. There are several different ideas put forward.

What if the other child was a female? This could be the daughter Judith, raised as Judah or Jude. Or maybe a daughter raised by Mary’s sister?

With the werewolf, the practice of “one in, one out” could be at play as well. This could be why Joseph eventually disappears. What the werewolf do not realize is that this was a ploy by humans and not a practice that had to happen. In fact, it hurts them because their knowledge dies with the older or exiled generations.

Interestingly, there are two other males put forward as the possible biological/spiritual fathers of Jesus and the theories are extremely intriguing.

First is Panthera. This is of particular note because werewolves were also said to be of the Panther. Now we know that the panther/tiger/lion is a different creature but that does not stop the literature of our kinds from the early references being of a panther or bear.

Another theory is, of course, that he is the son of El Shaddai. We have all most likely heard of this theory but it is the use of certain words to describe God that give it an interesting twist. It has been accepted that this is the name of God, but were all interpretations of “shaddai” consistent?

However, the “Shaddim” are known to be demons. Wouldn’t the “Shaddim” be of “Shaddai?”

This also related to the “Bull of Heaven” story.

So could the gifts have actually been offerings to a god in lieu of a child? There are some who believe they were to heal an ailment of some kind.
One thing all three gifts have in common is the element of purification. If Jesus was actually of the Sheddim, were the magi there to purify him? Is this why he is said to have studied at mystery schools rather than becoming a traditional rabbi? And did he ultimately suffer execution as a magician/sorcerer on the tau cross? Were his actual teachings obscured and distorted? We know that the apostles did not write their books for almost 100 years after the death of Jesus. And there are of course apostles who admitted they were writing their own theories/words in the “spirit of Jesus.” Did he ultimately die at the hands of jealous fellow magicians? Why were none of the disciples at the cross when Jesus was executed (per John) but somehow Jesus tells John to take care of his mother? Why did only Peter and John come to the tomb to see the proof of the resurrection? Is it because Mary only told them? And why did John refuse to go into the tomb? The Bible says several disciples planned to go fishing the day the resurrection occurred. Yes, life goes on, but the resurrection would have been a miracle and key to their teachings.