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Tresves & Treveri

The Trever (pronounced “tray-vare”) was a tribe that would eventually evolve into what was known as the Treu or Treue. The term was based on the Gaulish word for the tribe: Trēueri.  Among humans, they were known as the Treveri.

Within the cosmology of my life and books, as one of the oldest organized clans/houses or lines, it is the Treu that became leaders among the vampyre and were known as the Royal Vampyre. This would be divided over time between East and West. They were seen as responsible for upholding the highest of standards among them. It is from their ranks that those known in pop culture as “death dealers” are made. Although that is what the individuals were regarded as in the past, the human appropriation of our terms for their entertainment has led to changes. However, I will continue to use that term here for continuity.

While death dealers would hunt or fight werewolves if needed, the more esoteric of their order literally functioned as “psychopomp,” or death guides. This could be considered the equivalent of a human death doula, but in a far greater capacity. While not literally the ferryman Charon of the River Styx, the death dealers worshiped the triune god that included Aries and Hades. As such, they were not only warriors but the elite could “ferry” the souls of vampyre to their next realm, other dimensions and to final release. Theirs was the only ordered sanctioned to learn these rites.

Even in their name we see the concept of the trine. So three faces, the triune god/goddess and even the concept of the triple death.

Those not of the veil or liminal would often find themselves in governance or in one of the elite training forces as high ranking commanders.

Some also joined the Varangi Guard.

Historically, the Treveri were not regarded as Germanic. Authors of the time specifically point that out. So were they Celtic or Gaulish? I would propose that they were neither and yet regarded as both. Their language was of Celtic-Latin origin but they intermixed with the Gauls when their land was overtaken.

The City of Tresves (now known as Trier) was named after the Treveri and is considered the oldest city in Germany.

Having been of this order in the past, I named my own house Tresveias (three-vein) and our lines continue in the traditions of the Trever/Treu.

Coat of Arms for Trier featuring St. Peter and a/the key.