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Ba MathBad Math

Shortly after my father died, I asked for photos that he had promised to send me. Two envelopes arrived with a guitar he left me.

Most of the information in there was about my grandfather. It looked as though a notebook of some kind had been assembled about him.

Also in there was a letter written to my father from his step-sister. In it she was detailing the money being sent to my father, if any, from proceeds of a sold house and stocks.

From my recollection, my grandfather was going to leave me the house and the stocks were mine in his care for safekeeping. I’d be interested in knowing what name they were in to see if I was mistaken.

Within the letter a portion was highlighted about the stocks.

In some of the letter, they are telling my father about my grandfather because he had not been a part of his life.

Also in the packet was a photo of my Aunt Cookie (Caroline) going through my jewelry box and another where I am being taught gymnastics.

Back when I was about 14. I had ran up some phone bills on my father’s number by calling a friend in New Orleans quite often. My father reversed the charges back to them and we had to pay it back. Strangely, I remember that my dad sold a boat that belonged to me due to that same phone bill. The phone bill had been approximately $1,000 and he sold the boat for around $12,000. He also liked to say that I paid for the second house he bought or paid for the down but I had thought that my first step-mother’s grandmother had helped. I never knew what that meant.

If those memories are true, I am due not only explanations, but also a lot of money and property.