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In 2008, my ex and I were living in Stead, Nevada. I was working in HR for a local hospital and he was in school for firefighting. Most nights he was at school or out partying. Our relationship was floundering hard. I even caught him placing personal ads on the internet.

At night I would tell him that it felt like someone was looking through the blinds. He wouldn’t even look. When I did, no one was there.

One afternoon he was gone and I saw someone pacing back and force on our porch. I wasn’t hugely concerned because the neighbors had kids, but then I saw the door knob move. There wasn’t a lock on that handle, but I always locked the deadbolt.

A while later we were watching The Sopranos around midnight when I saw someone trying to look in our blinds. About ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door. It was our neighbor, Dana.

Dana worked at a casino and had a late shift so he was leaving for work when he saw a man staring into our windows. He described him as about 5′ 8′  with a brown crew cut, and was driving a dark SUV like an older Jeep Cherokee. Dana told the guy to leave and he said the guy argued with him but did drive off.

A few days later it snowed and when I went to walk my dog, I saw footprints going to all of the windows–both bedroom and the living room.

The final straw was when I went to the complex gym to work out. My ex was at the apartment. As I was working out, someone pushed on the double doors. It was a keycard entry and the door wasn’t opening. Whomever it was violently pushed on the doors a number of times. I grabbed my cellphone and ran into the bathroom to call my ex. He refused to come check on me or walk me back so I continued to look out the windows until I knew it was safe and then I made a run for it.

I went back to the apartment and told him we were leaving. We moved in September 2008.

The next one happened 8/15/2023. I can’t say this man was stalking, but I briefly left the house to get a Slurpee around 11:15 am. When I walked out there was a man standing across from our building on the grass facing a busy street. There was no car that I could see. He seemed to be watching our house and then shifted to watch me. He was toward younger middle age to middle age, had sort of a balding, egg-shaped head and with a ring of dark hair, medium to slightly heavy build, and was wearing a safety vest like construction workers wear. As I drove off, I saw him now in a vehicle driving toward my apartment and he flipped his car around and parked. He was driving an unmarked white Ford truck. When I got back, the car was still there so I got pics of the plate. There was no other construction nearby and I never saw him get out of the car. Maybe he was there for lunch–I’m not sure. But as soon as I got inside, he left.