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Top of the Pyramid

I was watching a tarot reader on YouTube (Cleo is part of their channel name) and they mentioned being at the “top of the pyramid.”

I was immediately triggered because that is a phrase that Eve uses in her “system” of things. The reader went on to describe herself as a 6th-dimensional being and a God. There is no 6th dimension on which a person who is embodied could live while simultaneously and consciously living in the supposed 3rd.

However, I was mainly triggered because the clones and many of the hybrids joined Eve and her system. She used it as a reason for assuming “control” over the vampire nation and thus making me an absolute beginner at all I had already accomplished, thus having to climb the pyramid again.

Nothing is further from the truth. Once ascended, you live at that level to inspire others to climb or ascend. It is the makings of a conscious culture and society, rather than overlords and dictators.

Under their system, memories, abilities, and accomplishments would be erased. In a single lifetime, a Professor Emeritus would become a student again. The CEO of a company would start once more as a clerk. A Magistra of Magick would begin once more as an initiate. Souls would learn and retain nothing, thus never reaching attainment. Yet why has she and those in her system not started over? Eve is an idiot, but she did get my 17-year-old self reset and allowed the clones, hybrids, returned human aliens, and human imposters to seize control of my position and the human vampire culture.

The Kindred do not use terminology like “top of pyramid.” If you hear this statement, know that you are not listening to one of the Kindred, but rather those aligned with the clones, many hybrids, humans and Eve.

It also means, by their own definition, all those who gained power starting in 1991 should now return to the bottom of the pyramid and begin again. Of course they won’t because it was just a strategy to gain power. Power that they do not rightfully have or control, and cannot retain.