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Mary Magdalene & Virgin Mary

In my book, The Goddess Aped, Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary are a continuation of the goddess versus queen. But in this particular Biblical story, there is also Mary of Clopas. She is said to be one of the Virgin Mary’s sisters. Given that she was at the crucifixion and that resurrection, she could be a candidate for the “apostle Jesus loved,” except that she is not known to have written any scripture and there is no indication she attended the Last Supper. There is also some confusion over whether Cleopas/Clopas was her husband or her father. And what was her true relation to Jesus? Could he have been her son and had to go to the Virgin Mary with her husband Joseph? A sister-in-law, maybe? There is little written in the Bible and Joseph disappears from the texts around the time that Jesus is 12. If she is the daughter of Clopas then she was the cousin of Jesus.