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Disease Research

In my story, another vampyre and I, along with a werewolf, are taken to facilities in California and Utah where we are tortured and experimented on. One facility focused on addiction and impulse control. Another focused on human diseases and especially cancer. The impulse control lab is alluded to in a vampire book that talkees about the “Nerd Herd”–albeit in a different context. Aside from our powers, will power, and abilities, one of a key focus of the research by humans (and those posing as humans from other planets) is disease resistance among the borne supernatural. The borne are regenerative. We do not contract human disease.

Those trying to give us disease are attempting to “bypass” our genes. They want to cure their own diseases while giving us disease. This touches on the Mormon people, particularly Joseph Smith, wanting to prove they were supernatural and the true royal Merovingians. Without immortality and our powers, that would be impossible to do and with science, in giving us disease, they could point and claim we were not the supernatural beings. But that is not the way this works and these people will obviously learn that the hard way.

My doctors have long said that these particular diseases are no hereditary and are most likely the result of age and lifestyle, but among just my family, cancer was experienced by:

My Uncle Keith-bladder

My great-grandfather Alexander Roe-esophagus

My Aunt Betty-throat

My nani (two varieties)-breast and blood

My grandfather Walter Hines-throat

My father Richard Anstedt-esophagus

My brother and one of my sisters have both experienced abnormal cells. In my brother, it is his esophagus.

One year I had an abnormal pap smear and then the cells were gone. I am not sure how this happened since it was showing cells for a human disease and I am NOT HUMAN.

This experimentation and genetic tampering was never agreed to or authorized. Their experimentation and attempts to trigger or mutate our genes are to stop immediately.



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