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Reclaiming the Garden

So if Eve is a fungus or mold, explain her connection to humans?

I will let a selection of scientific headlines and articles do that.

Like many of the nihilists who follow them, Adan (Adam) and Eve held that the garden must first be destroyed in order to be reclaimed.

However, where Adan saw he and Eve gaining ultimate control of the Earth, Eve saw Adan as an impediment to her advancing.

The same would be said for Samael and I. For Eve to have ultimate dominion over the Earth and humans, she would need the former inhabitants of the Kingdom of God out of her way. She was not alone in this perspective.

She started this by financially backing some of the largest petrochemical companies in the world.

What created ease for humans would ultimately choke them to death.

And who would be their savior?

However, humans should remember that Eve has no true use for them. She is not human herself and saw the human species as a punishment. She will demand blood sacrifices and to be worshiped.

So science created an enzyme, what does that have to do with Eve? Everything.

She strategized and helped to create the problem in order to later solve it and be worshiped or exalted-not only as a being with powers to save the planet, but as a scientist and entrepreneur of environmental or green solutions.

Eve and her team have also been busy in building a new image of fungi and molds.

The problem is that when Eve is out of balance, which is almost always, she causes horrific destruction. The human body is a microcosm of this.