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Vampyre Girl

In most of my lifetimes, my mates were chosen for me. The life of a vampyre female can be quite difficult. There are those who hunt or shun us. even if we form our own societies and commerce, the humans will work to infiltrate or sabotage it.

Human males and females often worked to take my mates or hunt them. Their goal was to leave me alone and near destitute. There were hybrids who wanted to marry me for clout or money. Often they would have a hand in my demise–knowingly or unknowingly.

In modern times, I was usually the one behind the camera–even if it was me “hopping” into a “form” or body. There were cute people I would become attached to.

Can you tell who the vampire or kindred are and who are the potential prey or pets?


That does not mean anyone necessarily died. Hybrids had to be taught how to hunt, interact with humans in a new form, how to behave around humans despite having hunger, etc.

Our bad reputations came from hybrids that attacked random people and lying hunters. To mitigate this, the borne only used donors who were vetted. We also started to train hybrids in basic survival so they could also arrange donors instead of attacking.

Hybrids were not vampyre in their own right. It was a gift to them. A gift of life, power, connections, abilities, etc. They were out in society representing us when they were genetically essentially human. Some might argue we had no “say” over them or their actions, but vampyrism was not their birthright. It could be taken away if they were not up to vampyric standards.  This, of course, caused conflict between the borne and many hybrid, as the hybrid felt they had greater numbers and the gift was held over their head–they wanted to know what was in it for them since they joined us–typical human thinking.