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In my story,  Eve (along with Eva and Ava) begins to alter history. She changes the archangels to reflect that she was one (Gabriel) and adds others (like Joel). She also changes the location of the Nazi Rallies from Heidelberg (her region) to Nuremberg (my region). This meant that her area, previously destroyed in the true history, was left unscathed while Nuremberg was toppled. Some of my fortune was then funneled to help pay for it’s repair. Little did these people know, however, that my memories would set things correct and they would have to pay back every penny taken from me.


Bavaria took a brunt of the allied attack. Almost 90% of Munich was destroyed in the bombings.


Strangely, only the old town of Nuremberg suffered the most during raids. Actually, that was not strange at all. Eve wanted to destroy historical documents and landmarks being held there. She believed nothing would be able to replace those. The military targets of the area were left largely in tact.

Heidelberg was left unscathed.

Heidelberg also has ties to Eve and Adan Adam through the imagery of the goat in it’s name. Nuremberg does not appear to translate to anything. Since it was known as Norenberg or Nornberg, it may mean “North” but the area is not in the northern part of Germany. So , since it is the location where three rivers (Main, Danube, and Rhine) meet, it may have been named after the fates, the Norn.

In Greek these are the Moirai. The Romanian word for vampire is moroi.

Nurn is a place found in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. It is located in Mordor and is the place of enslaved men.

While the map or Mordor does resemble Germany, to match, Lake Constance would need to be on the other side of the country. That would mean Mordor is actually a mirrored map of Germany and the area of Heidelburg is actually the area for Nurenberg. More likely, however, is that it represents the area near Isar.