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Alpha & Ichthys

Within my books, The Goddess Aped and The Lost Whore of Babylon, I discuss why Jesus was targeted. As we know from history, there were no lack of cults or schools of mystery at that time. Also, Jesus may not have been the most vocal opponent of certain practices of the temple.

But, as I detail in my books, Jesus is of the line of Adam-he is a werewolf. This means he is raised in a home that is not of his birth family. The non-birth family is paid to care for him by the Three Magi. (These three figures appear again in stories like Goldilocks and the Three Bears). He is also spared from the wrath of Harod because Jesus is not human. Others are able to hide him and bribe those looking for him.

How did the Magi find him? His shine.

So what happens? First, Jesus is an Alpha. His very presence is a threat not only to others like himself and possibly vampyre, but to humans and their power constructs. He is charming and intelligent. And, for those humans with something to prove, he is the werewolf to beat, the one to challenge to show humans have the true power, and to cut-down the line of Adam and Lilith.

At the heart of the whole plot is Eve. She manages to convince all of his supporters to turn on him and brings nothing but enemies into his circle so that he will be betrayed by those he trusted and loved most.

As you can see, there is similarity between the symbol for Alpha and the symbol of Ichthys.Ichthys is Greek for “fish.” As a symbol regularly tied to Christianity, it also ties Jesus to the Fisher Kings but, more importantly, to the ancient merfolk. The ichthys symbol also resembles an eye.

The connection to merfolk may also explain why there is a spear dug into his side. That was where, historically, the remnants of the gills were.Obviously, it is also the location of the liver and there is a whole series of mythologies just based on that organ. Often it was seen as the organ of life and emotion. Even modern medicine recognizes the importance of the liver-particularly as means of purification.

While I do not have a photo of Jesus, I can use a photo of a Pacific Islander to give you a sense of the area and what it might have looked like.

Many older depictions of this would give it the appearance of a vulva. Which the ichthys, if turned on the tail, also looks like a vulva.

Could it be a threat to a goddess? Did Jesus take a female’s place? Was his death planned by Eve?

In The Goddess Aped and The Lost Whore of Babylon, Jesus falls victim to one of the oldest stories in the book-the evil step-parent.

And what do we make of Thomas supposedly putting his finger into that wound? Likely he inserted some item to either  weaken him or prevent continued resurrection. We could say Thomas was more scientific and simply wanted proof, but he was so contentious with Jesus that in my book, he inserts a single thorn. My story details what that thorn meant and did.

The rasp could refer to the werewolf voices or laughs. Their laughs are a bit like the cartoon character Muttley. The root word, Ras, is Sanskrit for Howl or Cry.

Looking at this photo, one can also see the wound resembles a Venus Fly Trap. Perhaps it was a message from Eve after all. It also reminds me of the Durian fruit or an eye with lashes. Since the wound would be bleeding, it also could represent crying tears of blood so that could be a message to the vampyre as well.

If this was no ordinary Roman spear, which one could it be?

The Vel of Karthikeya? Odin’s Gungnir? Arthur’s Rhongomiant? The spears of Diarmuid us Duibhne? Or even the spear of Lugh?