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I am against school scoliosis checks.

Yes, I understand that they officially stopped in 2004, but some schools continue to conduct them. And there is always the possibility of them returning.

Why am I against them?

First, while one could make the argument that they are helping to identify health concerns and ease the burden of a doctor visit, there are other critical services that schools do not provide. For example, why do schools not provide on-site inoculations? This may be in the works with the dawning of pandemics like Covid-19 but the key time to identify spinal deformities is prior to children even entering elementary school. I support children having their spines checked by doctors as part of their normal annual check-ups and inoculation visits. This also allows records of the visits to be documented and, thus, falls under medical information privacy laws, such as HIPAA. 

As you can read on the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) website, screening was in full swing by 1984 and a majority of states had started testing by 1989. Doctors began speaking out against the testing during the 1990s stating that the tests accuracy and efficacy did not equate to reduced treatment costs or effective treatments. They also noted that there could be psychological harm being done to children identified as having the curvature.

Second, in the universe of my novel, Gold ‘n Silver, the spinal checks are occurring for another reason-to identify hybrids. The “s” spine would be a descendant of the serpent line (vampyre or triple-hybrid) while the “c” spine was thought to identify a descendant of “Christos” or “Christopher” and be either a werewolf or dual-hybrid.This is not to say the test was infallible. Prenatal deformities, birth injuries, etc. could cause similar curvatures on a human child and, thus, lead them to be incorrectly identified. Just as there could be magickal and physical alterations done to a human to make it seem like they were of the line or changes made to someone of the blood to make them appear as though they did not have the mark.

Why the spine? Why not just put a big birthmark on them?

One reason were the witch finders of the past. They would look for unusual marks to persecute and murder those identified as having the signs. Also, because at various times the signs were seen as favorable, humans would alter those of the blood or themselves to either look like they had the sign or not. While the spine can be affected, it is less easily done than other parts.  Also, it resembles another area that was, until fairly recently, also unable to be altered: DNA.

Thanks to advances in technology and science, many developed by companies in Utah and likely with ties to the Mormon church, that has changed. Not only are they collecting DNA samples, they can alter the samples and even falsely report on the results. The potential use of DNA as a biological weapon or method of targeting caused the U.S. Government to issue a warning against testing for military personnel.

The language used in the Department of Defense memo regarding genetic testing is particularly troubling since, as most service members know, if there is some vague statement included in a DoD memo, there is likely an instance or issue they are investigating or know of.

Since there is no law currently against using information in that way and submitting the test is essentially an “opt-in,” there is little an individual or targeted group could do to stop this information from being used, sold or altered.

Which all ties back to the search for the “serpent spine” and the experimentation on me that is touched on in Gold ‘n Silver.

The official end of the program would correspond with the year of my first marriage (2004). This was due to an agreement that was made. However, the fact that the programs are continuing on a local level reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials. While they were officially forbidden, historians know that they likely continued at the local level and were kept out of the public eye.

Why do I think that? Look at the etymology of the words involved.

Scoliosis Etymology: modern Latin, < Greek σκολίωσις , < σκολιός bent, curved, crooked

Remember the other word that means “bent” or “crooked”?

So we have the potential checking for children who are of a biological or blood witch, werewolf or vampyre line. This could of course go back to the original Grail lines. Which makes sense when you look at the other Old Norse meaning of the word. The word “skull” could have very viking connotations like drinking from the skull of your enemies or collecting skulls. It could certainly have meaning in early Norse men shaving their heads bald.

But it could also have a Grail meaning in the translation into “bowl.” This would easily convert to “chalice,” “cup,” or “vessel.”

Most have interpreted the actual Grail to be the womb but some could have thought the Grail was in the brain which is why the pineal gland was rumored to be coveted by those in occult circles for its supposed youth extending Adrenochrome.

I interpret it to be bloodline.

Interestingly, the one animal that is not believed to have a true pineal gland is the hagfish.

So what would mean “straight line” if there is a crooked line? One contender for that word is “ogham.”