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The Mack Morgan Mysteries

Jeffrey Lyle loves mysteries, archaeology, and adventure… Unfortunately – he lives in Beckston, a place his parents would happily tell you is short on mystery and adventure.

When an Egyptian exhibit comes to the local museum, Jeffrey is willing to do whatever he can to get out of the family’s weekend plans so he can see it. That mistake will change everything, and Jeffrey will be hard-pressed to stay ahead of the chain reaction.

After a lifetime of spinning stories to try to belong, Jeffrey will learn there are actual treasure thieves right in the middle of his town. That most of the family history he took for granted is woven with lies. And that sometimes simple, mindless acts can lead you to dark and terrifying places – your friends kidnapped – your family shattered – and your future reliant on help from people you never even knew existed.

Working with his estranged grandfather, the once infamous (or was that not famous), Dutch Morgan, (wait – wasn’t he dead?), Jeffrey must solve the mystery of missing cats, unmask a possible ancient cult, and figure out the connection to his family before it is too late.