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Werewolf Hunts

In my book, Gold ‘n Silver, werewolves would often say that out of form they were simply wearing their fur on the inside.

Conflicts with vampyre aside, werewolves have been the subject of many accounts detailing how they were not evil or vicious but rather pursued justice and punished those that perpetrated evil on human society. Often the werewolves saw themselves as protectors of humanity–the same humans that often hunted them.

Why were werewolves hunted? There are many reasons. There were conflicts with vampyre, as well as humans and other werewolves. They could, without doubt, be vicious and effective predators in these battles. However, many deaths caused by humans or other animals were blamed on werewolves.

Less well-known were the perported folk medicine uses for wolf body parts. This was a large driving force behind human hunting of werewolves and was often masked by the reports of werewolf attacks in order to justify the hunt and gain assistance in tracking the wolf.

There is even a possible indirect allusion to Aphrodite in the concept of the wolf girdle. Aphrodite’s girdle possessed the power to make any man sexually desire her/the wearer and fall in love. Here the wolf girdle would turn one into a werewolf., or at least be given superhuman strength. Yet another reason that werewolves would be hunted.

As I detail in my book, The Goddess Aped, werewolves are tied to Adon Adam. He was tempted and became “crazed” in a way through the taste of human flesh. It was Eve that was a “cannibal,” but in her not being human, she simply saw humans as a food source.

While humans are detailed throughout numerous religious texts as being the subject of sacrifice, it was, at some point, changed to include lines like werewolves. This was likely due to Eve’s hatred of the supernatural races.

A key to the sacrifice of the Biblical Yeshua/Yesua may have been in Celtic and Norse rites. With the metamorphosis of Adon Adam into the Norse God, Odin, it may have been him or one of his children trying to escape the state of being a werewolf. That is detailed in my book and held for those pages, but here is a snippet of text detailing that the “wolf” was often hung next to robbers and thieves. It is said that the man crucified next to Yeshua was a thief.

Werewolves are known for their regenerative abilities so what happened?

In my story, Gold ‘n Silver, I was brutally attacked. My assailants used everything from steel-toed boots to brass knuckles to iron and even a Red-Riding Hood fork that was shoved into my skin near my tailbone. There is still a divet that marks where the fork was driven in. With Yeshua, the crucifixion conveniently required iron spikes.

Also, those familiar with vampyre know that vampyres have the names used around humans, as well as their vampyric name. Werewolves also have a name given to them for use around humans and their werewolf name. The werewolf name is known only by them and is never spoken. Their name and the rock given to them as inheritors of the earth and part of their clan (troop/pack/family) are sacred.

My rock was given to me by my father and was taken from me by a male who wanted to gain acceptance by the werewolves.

He and his girlfriend took many of my certificates, clothing, jewelry, photos, belongings, books, and even my second-sight.

These were never returned to me.

I am unaware as to whether my father ever got his rock back as he would never discuss the issue again.

Another reason that werewolves were hunted included helping the vampyre fight against humans and witches.

A final reason (though not exhaustive) was the baculum bone and its suspected magical powers. Many hunted werewolves were found castrated for this reason until humans realized that they were incapable of harnessing any power from the baculum bone or other wolf parts.

Unfortunately, Eve (and Eva’s) hatred for the supernatural races was coupled with her/their absolute greed for power and magic. This was a dangerous combination for werewolves when mixed with human fear and superstition.