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My power stone is extra-terrestrial, or celestial, Moldavite.

The Venus of Waldendorf was found with moldavite. It is also said that Lucifer’s crown contained moldavite and not emerald.

It has been said that Eve started as a type of mold or lichen that was brought to or escaped to this planet. If that is true, it would explain many sensitivities certain species have to mold as it might have an extra-terrestrial origin. One must remember that not all extra-terrestrial species are going to look humanoid but may develop into that later. Eve may have given sentience to a piece of wood or other object that Adan Adam was working with.

It is difficult to say definitively where she came from or how she evolved as both Eve and Adan Adam have kept that secret.

Think that sounds like science fiction?

One thing is certain and that is Eve prefers warm, tropical climates-particularly those on or South of the Equator.

Those of the vampyric and werewolf races have typically gravitated toward those regions North of the Equator-especially alpine or desert regions. It just go happens that mold does not grow well in those climates. So there is no surprise then that Nevada was the state of my birth.

Now residing in Oregon, the battle with mold is a regular one. I have already lost a wardrobe to mold a few years back and now I will likely have to give up my car due to a mold infestation.

Another interesting literary connection is the word, “muggle.” In Harry Potter, the word is used to describe a human being (or non-magical person). While Eve knows magic, she is not of a magical line and cannot cross into liminal spaces. Her magic is also dependent on others from the vampyric bloodlines. This would include werewolves, such as Adan Adam, djinn, blood-born witches, etc.

The French word for “muggle” includes the spelling of “mold.” And the etymology for the word “mold” may even sound like “muggle” in old Danish.