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The term hedge-botherer might seem like a quaint English gardening euphemism. I assure you that it is not. Those that call themselves hedge-botherers are also the tormentors of natural-born/bloodborne witches (those who ride the hedge), necromancers, and the dead. Their goal is to pester and refuse sleep to those who travel the astral or are in their time of repose.

Not many will admit to being true hedge-botherers since they often also claim to be witches or practice ways/crafts that are considered to be the tools and trade of witches.

Hedge-bother, hedge-bothering and being a hedge-botherer are not common terms. I first heard of them in 1991 when I was accused of being a hedge witch (because of my riding the hedge) and another female there labeled herself a hedge-botherer as she was going to harass and pester me in every way that she possibly could. She, along with others, has continued to bother me ever since.

All I can say to that is, “typical humans”–even to those beings who thought they were so much more than that.