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The Three Bears

In my books, all of the fairy tales from Europe feature the same cast of characters from different points in time. Often the same situations play out and repeat over several lifetimes. One of these is the origin story for the Three Bears.

In one iteration, I was an old woman (a vampire witch) who had her house stolen by three young men. I had gone on a trip and left the home. They heard about it and decided to “squat” there. When I returned, I demanded my house back. The men were claiming to be vampires or werewolves. I cannot remember if they were monks in disguise or just ordinary humans masquerading as a supernatural but they went through several attempts to kill me. They finally through me on top of a church steeple upon which I was impaled. They said this was revenge for me being a descendant of Dracula.When they revealed their “motives” and identities, they were praised by the villagers and held in high esteem.

In another iteration, they pushed me out of the church window and I was impaled on a fence post below. I believe they were “given” my house by Eve, Ava, Eva so they felt entitled to it.

And one that might come as a surprise is when Eve, Eva, and Ava took over my home while I was away. When I tried to take it back, they claimed it was all theirs and had me arrested. The authorities believed them (or were bribed) and I lost everything. The proof of this is circumstantial since no copies of this version were written down.

However, readers will remember that in Pompeii, there was graffiti speaking against someone named “Blondie.” And the word “Bara” in Hebrew means “created” or “creations.” These were the three creations (or Three Bara) of Adam. This theme would repeat itself in the three “brides” of Dracula.

So what is the origin of the story known and loved by humans?