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My theory in the Gold ‘n Silver series is that the vampyre race originated in South America. I believe this is why a number of German emigrated specifically to that country after World War II. Not only were some being hidden by their philosophical fellows, but others were continuing their search for our origins and the empirical proof. They wanted our knowledge.

However, we are still talking about the days of early mankind meeting with today. As with then, Eve is keen on getting her hands on and control over all lands. However, she was given Africa and parts of the Middle East instead of North and South America. In her attempts to gain complete control of the land, she aided in sending people from her tribes into Mexico and they have been making their way into the United States under the guise of normal migration. She also tried to build strongholds in Canada and Brazil while hunting our kinds in Central Asia, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

As such, I assert that vampyre/werewolf race once covered the globe but as weather patterns changed, our nests/hives/troops congregated in the area near Argentina. Our migratory pattern was similar to that of the camel. And I was to be raised on camel milk but since that was not available, I was given the less beneficial and more harshly digested cow milk. Our races have a high rate of what appears to be lactose intolerance. We converged with humans in Asia. At that time, the tribes of Adam went into Africa while those of Lilith and Samael pressed on into Europe.

When Adam encountered and mated with Eve, these newly formed tribes began to spread out of Europe. Some of our groups tried to go back through to Central Asia, the Middle East, Asia and then North and South America but humans followed close behind in a hunt for our races.

And where the humans touched, extinction followed. This part has been substantiated by science.

So this has nothing to do with Nevada, right?
Dead Camel Range near Fallon

Is there a place to see an ancient North American camel skeleton?