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I have had a variety of experiences with moldavite and they have all been positive. I had been given moldavite jewelry when I was younger. It was taken from me, along with a large piece of moldavite that someone gave me for protection.

When I had my original egg, given to me as a child, I was able to unscrew the top and place a piece of moldavite in the egg. I would then screw the top back on and recite a chant that would allow me to access power and other dimensions.

During a rough period toward the end of my 17th year, I was unable to defend myself against some actions of others. I was surrounded by an old neighbor named Roger (not Painter), another named Ernst, as well as my step-mother Mindy. I am not sure why my  father was not present or any other family members unless it had been orchestrated that way. While I was immobilized, someone took the egg for “safekeeping” and tried to give me a dupe in its place. However, the egg was made especially for me and designated just for me, so no one would be able to use it and the egg would only serve as a decorative piece.

As far as I know, the egg has either been destroyed or is sitting in a box somewhere. To anyone else, it would serve more as a curse than a blessing. And even I would need to remember the words to activate it-which I currently do not.This is an image of the “dupe” egg. My egg, which was more of a serpentine green, was taken from my home, as was the moldavite I would have placed in it, my jewelry, and the piece that a friend had given me. The “replacement” egg was presented at a selection process and I informed those in attendance that this was not the right egg. At this time I am not sure who is in possession of my actual egg but I have this one.

Below is a moldavite bracelet that an ex gave me. It, along with a pair of moldavite earrings, was taken from me. Moldavite is very sensitive and this had already bonded to me. It is likely proving very unlucky for the person it was given to but they have it nonetheless. I saw the set, or one identical, on an auction site but was unable to bid high enough to buy it. It included three glass spiders an ex gave me right before a break-up/ The other two bracelets I do not remember yet but are likely mine as well..