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Biological Implant  Devices

In my book, Gold ‘n Silver, I travel to the desert of Northern Utah to find a werewolf who was taken to a lab. Two other vampyres and a werewolf go with me. Clearly they were waiting for us. One vampyre runs to get help, the werewolf is taken away and the male vampyre stays with me.

A human female, whose family is tied to the facility, comes in and wants to take my fate of being a writer so that she can be rich and famous. She doesn’t want her destiny of being a social worker.

More of our group of “friends” show up but don’t help us. There is something for all of them to gain by watching us fall.

The male vampyre is tortured in front of me to try to force me to tell my story, while I can hear them torturing the werewolf somewhere above us.

And that original werewolf, the one who sent the distress call, appears to be working with them.

By the time I leave Nevada, I will have lost everything-including being a vampyre-and the chips planted in me will track my every move.

Remember under the “Allusion” tab where the term NERD comes from.

While this technology can certainly be used to target and treat genomical diseases, it could also be used to cause them (biological warfare/sabotage), target people with “undesirable” traits, or create people with certain traits (eugenics). And, beyond humans, this gene technology could be further used to create organic weapons.