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Pure Vs True Nature Vs Real Form

The Pure

Over millennia, our kinds have changed for a variety of reasons. The Pure are those of the true original hybrid (non-human). These first of the races were seen as a balance of the different traits and abilities. There are several human lines that tie themselves to this first group. They have long been hunted, as have the progenitors.

True Nature

This balance was eventually bred/altered out of subsequent generations as the balance of the Pure was seen to be a weakness and hindrance to the full realization of each side’s traits and abilities. This was particularly true for the werewolf.  Scientists (primarily humans) referred to this as being “true nature.”

In this sense, the werewolves saw being of only one kind and acting in their “true nature” was actually being “pure.”

As vampire created human-hybrids, this argument became stronger.

A divide grew among both the hybrid-vampire and the werewolves. The hybrid-vampire argued that their true nature was to feed on humans and that they, like the cannibal and wodewose, were not wrong as they were preying on their own kind.

Certain sects of werewolf also argued for the predation of humans due to their place in the food chain. Certainly no one can argue against the werewolf being an, if not the, apex predator. However, this difference in philosophies was manipulated by humans  and human-hybrids and lent itself to the divisions that were touched on in the “Underwold” series. This divide was ultimately of benefit to the humans and human-hybrids in their bid for dominance and power.

Real Form

This would be further complicated when the Nazi experiments of the 1920s and 1930s continued into the 1990s with the collection and torture of two progenitors (myself being one) for cell and genetic collection to make a more complete human-hybrid and eventual near-clones.

However, those human-hybrids and near-clones have taken up the moniker of being the “real form” or “the Real”  because they believed the abilities of our kind had been erased through genetics, science, magic, hypnosis, torture, etc., and, thus, left them with the display of the true abilities of our kinds. They also prided themselves on their brutality as meat eaters, black magicians, and those who would suck their victims dry (in every sense).


True cloning of our kinds is not possible as we are incompatible species and there is a lock on the genetic material. It is why we are known as Prime.

We are capable of reproducing either true hybrids or singular of our kinds, but cannot be replicated.