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Other Names for Eve

In Hebrew, the name “Moloch,” means “king.”

The Hebrew word for “queen” is “Gebirah.”

Interestingly, the Urdu word “birah” means “erring, strayed, or unprincipled.” The Urdu language also points to the spiritless or soulless.

In Greek, “Ge” means “earth” or could have allusions to the underworld. This is fitting since the mortal Kore is transformed, mythologically, into Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.

One term that sounds similar to this is Gabriel. Considered an archangel, Gabriel has a sword like that of Archangel Michael.
Another name is it is similar to is Erica and Vera. There is a Briton king known as Verica.

My theory is that his name was Eric and his queen or co-regent’s name was Vera. And her name surrounded his.

As many know from stories like Disney’s Little Mermaid to House of Night, my vampyre mate’s name is Eric.

Unfortunately, to the detriment of our relationship and his life-force, whether by spell or desire, he has a weakness for Eve and human females.

Unlike the sometimes innocent interpretation in the Bible, she is the seducer and she loves to tempt away stability, love, etc.

And, like Moloch, there is another thing she loves, besides wanting to be a goddess and queen, and that is sacrifice.

Since she is unable to have children of her own, Eve punishes by demanding child sacrifices and ancient people had to willingly do so of their own children. It is said that Moloch boiled the children in his stomach-much like the oil of the golden calf torture device.