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Idol Images

Although we have not been able to obtain one of the uncovered artifacts, there is an artistic rendering of one of them. These particular artifacts have had mermaid-like features and been found along the Western coastline. Some of the artifacts are said to also have legs.

No images of actual idols have popped up on social media, but there are reports from various inland rivers of another female figure appearing in small carvings. Her features tend to be darker than those found along the coast. No name has been associated with the idol at this time. Below are artistic renderings of this river being or entity.

As lakes have receded, less non-descript idols and figures have been discovered. We are still awaiting the arrival of a specimen. The shape is similar to a cactus and has made some wonder if they are related to the worship of ancient cacti, plants, or trees in the area.

Below is an artistic rendering of the idols.

Artists have even developed artistic renderings of their combination of these idols into one central idol for the region-Kama. In Sanskrit, the term means, “desire, wish, or longing.” This often in a sexual or romantic sense (as with Aphrodite) but can mean in general also (such as with the Gold and Silver Rush that helped build the region).