Mother Goose

Returning to the idea of the Triple Goddess, one will recall that Aphrodite is the eldest fate. One could see this as a type of storyteller. The embodiment of another of the triune, Hecate, would be in the form of a witch. Within Mother Goose, we have both. I would contend that the goose is actually a swan–again, a symbol of Aphrodite. The poetic nature of the nursery tale is very similar to that of basic spells and incantations. These being differentiated from the lullaby song used to deter Lilith. Mother Goose is also portrayed wearing colors significant to those of the tree/kindred–including the crimson red of the vampyre.

Interestingly, Mother Goose is also sometimes depicted as sitting in a basket. This would harken to Red Riding Hood and also the Slavic Baba Yaga. Some tales of Baba Yaga have her as part of a triune and, thereby, correlating to the myths of Aphrodite, Hecate and other triune goddesses.

It can be assumed that the heir is typically female and a gifted writer and/or poet, as well as a witch/sorceress.