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Just when one might think that Nazi-era breed selection was eradicated, there is master race identification by RFID. Only this goes steps-further.

In my stories, the Reich is upset because people like Eve/Eva/Ava were not genetically Aryan but passing through morphing or glamouring their skin color and traits. There were also others, like werewolves, being able to pass as humans. These RFID advancements would allow scientists, like those who worked with the Nazis, to select individuals based on DNA and physical traits-without ever having to actually see the people. These same scientists could then program nanotech viruses to target the “undesirable.” The organs from these individuals could then be assessed for disease and viability before being placed in a more “desirable” host.

However,  we are told this is for medical purposes. How could phenotype be used for breeding? The best examples of this are currently in dogs and plants, so I will highlight those below.