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Russian Genealogy

Back in 1991, a group tied their DNA to mine via my mother. This was in spite of me having chosen my family and not agreeing to adding all of these people who were not otherwise true genetic relatives. Additionally , many tribes, like the Dobunni, were added when I did not actually have known ties to them. Perhaps that has now changes and with my memories as they are, I cannot say for sure, but hopefully the DNA sites can sort it all out.

On Ancestry, I can see thousands who have less than a 1% link to my genes. There are almost no closer relatives out of nearly 20,000 people and none from my father’s side of almost 9,500 people. So I never know exactly who I am speaking to or with regarding contacts from genealogy sites.

This connection I verified via GedMatch.

That is not to say there are no “red flags” (pardon the pun). First, the return email address handle is connected with the afterlife. This could point to a paranormal investigator. I was previously contacted by another paranormal investigator from Scotland who had been researching my ancestry.

Second, the match was to the person’s grandfather and not themselves. I am not sure how they got their grandfather’s DNA, that person’s GedMatch ID, or what the whole story is. Perhaps the grandfather asked the grandchild to do the research.

Still, it would be nice to add this portion of my genealogy so I replied. 

Of course, we have to be careful as Kindred, but if we are to come out of the shadows, then this is a way.