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In 1991, all of my jewelry, clothing, books and magical supplies were taken from me-as were my photos and personal items. That included jewelry, photo albums and other items that both of my grandmothers and great-grandmothers had given up to help with my process. They wanted silver, but more than that, they wanted all of my belongings. A fellow teenager lost his car in the process. It was to nothing less than basic greedy human criminals having their way. Other humans had been allowed to cheat and buy their way into the system. These were the same individuals who brutalized me and documented it.

Now 30 years later, some of the belongings came up for auction. But why should I have to pay for what was stolen from me? No other person who experienced a crime would have to do that. They could call the police and get some help. But I had no evidence. The thieves should have to retrieve those items and return them to me and anyone else they were taken from. So I chose not to play their game and instead just rebuild.

In addition, I lost my coin and my vial.

The vial looked quite similar to this one. It was sold online before I had become conscious of the past again.