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My memories slowly started returning at the end of February 2021 and more so on March 21, 2021.

I then saw a parade of past people in my neighborhood for a few weeks. They looked almost as though no time had passed.

I went into a forced amnesia in 1991 and I was under the effects for thirty years.

The details of my story, memories, and even creations will change if more memories return or I gain more knowledge about my past.

Some of my past was horrific. In addition to my photos, my property, photos, power, titles, etc. were also taken.

I will provide as much evidence as I can, but these are crimes no one wanted solved or resolved. I have posted documentation of someone impersonating me online in an obituary comment. I have also posted documentation of someone trying to impersonate my mother online. These people are/were the most depraved and disgusting of the humans and hybrids.

I welcome those with proof or knowledge about my past to come forward, but I am not depending on or expecting that level of cooperation or care–particularly from humans or hybrids.

It is said our kind were facing a 1,000 year holocaust. I assure you that it has been longer. In each of my 100 year lifetimes, I have been given a year with my powers and ability to enjoy who I am. I was repeatedly and brutally attacked. These attacks were documented on photos and video from which they made money. I was watched, followed, mocked, thwarted, and abused every chance they had. They took my abilities, powers, titles, money, relationships, belongings, fate from me–in various ways. I was even forced to write books for them that have made billions. They now sit in positions and with belongings that are not theirs. First, I am not beholden to those rules. Nor am I to give to humans or be sacrificed for any–none of the kindred are. Second, those that have done these things to me are criminals and have broken the laws and rules of the system. Third, they make that year completely miserable and rob me of any joy. Their pleasure comes from hurting me. Their camaraderie and success in life comes from stealing from me and torturing me–including disturbing my sleep for all hours during the night and robbing images and ideas from my astral state. That is now done forever and so are they. Everything returns to the correct state of being–including my birth rights. Fourth, this time I don’t need to fight back or piece everything together. The system has started to chew through them and will continue until they are gone and all is returned to me. They will have to publicly admit what they did to me. Fifth, none of this will never happen again. Not to me, my young, my mate, or any of the kindred.

Before my awakening in 2021, a counselor of mine had said, “they took everything from you.” I had no clue what she was talking about.

Now I do.


These are books about vampire with amnesia.