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Despite what people think, there has not been a great deal written about elflocks. The response I received from an “authority” on faeries, underscores this.

I do not think that I would take that or any other advice given by her regarding the faeries. It would anger any fae and, according to folklore, would be used to do them harm.

The problem with any human being deemed an “expert” on the Kindred is that they are humans talking about a world they know nothing about and is talking from a place of research (of books written by other humans) and their personal spiritual practices relating to these beings as “other” as opposed to being of the Kindred.


My grandmother in Scotland would say to not brush out the elflock myself (sometimes you have no choice), but her interpretation was that the elves were calling me home to Scotland. I would travel to her (portal/jumping/astral) when they happened. It did not cause us fear as they would humans. More this was us needing to understand what those on the other side of the veil wanted–what they were trying to communicate.

This is a completely different philosophy and perspectives from the humans calling themselves fae or expert on the fae.