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In my story, Eve and her people are viewing their arrival on Earth as a hostile takeover and that my people and I are now their slaves. Her plan is to use my marks (particularly any facial markings) and any tattoos (chosen by me or forced upon me by others) as proof of this status. This slave rank is also what she uses to try to explain why my people and I are used as scapegoats and sacrifices. She does not deny that this is our planet or that we are the rightful rulers–instead she argues that we are captives of war.

In Hawaii, this class of people is known as the Kauwa.

Interestingly, Kauwa is also the Hindi word for Crow. Again, we see an SE Asian/Indian Subcontinent tie to the Hawaiian islands. It is thought that the Kauwa might have also represented the original inhabitants of the island before the people who would become modern Polynesians arrived. There is some evidence that the Kauwa and ancient (mythical) Meneheune were the same people and that they originated from Kauai–hence the name. This is further supported by the unique structure and evolution of Kauai from the other islands.

It is said that the Kanaka came to the islands and took them from the Menehune/Kauwa.
Those cultures and people displaced by humans were simply relegated to myth.