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In my book, The Goddess Aped, Eve’s resentment has spread to her purchasing companies known to pollute the environment. She wants to affect diet of humans to return them to old ways, and she wants to alter fertility rates. Why would she this do? It takes away from the power of a fertility goddess. If she is able to sustain cloning or having children without a fertilized egg, then why would anyone need a fertility goddess? And if her scientists or companies can assist couples to have children outside of the normal means, she would be heralded as a hero–certainly grounds for regard and accomplishments worthy as a queen, when the time comes.

The difficult thing with Eve is that, for certain populations or people, her actions and reasons are perfectly acceptable. That does not mean they are ethical or for the common good. And what people do not see is that her actions and reasons are usually only in her interest and ultimately are for the detriment of others. Again, some people admire that about her.

Where are population rates naturally increasing? In areas typically associated with Eve, such as West and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Eve and her comrades were very much also behind what happened to me with regards to trauma and laboratories. She wanted to erode my confidence. And take everything I had. Then she wanted what she has not been able to have.
To edit her genes to become an actual being, specifically with the same bloodlines and composition as me. Her goal was to also be a vampyre queen. It was no longer enough to be a witch queen, or even a queen of humans. However, she has been shown this is not possible. So she has pursued acting like me, dressing like me, looking like me, and even pursuing people I would date. She and her cronies are a tribe of wanna-bes who are desperate to become what they were never meant to be. And as Eve likes to say she is meant for Heaven, she is also here trying to play God.